Ciortan Gabriel

Moinești, Bacău, 605400, România

About Candidate


Forklift/Warehouse Operator 04-04-2022 - 16-12-2022
InterSprint Banden BV

As a forklift operator at Inter Sprint Banden BV, I contributed to the efficient and safe handling of tires and wheels in the warehouse. I applied my professional driving skills and knowledge of warehouse operations to load and unload trucks, move and stack products, and perform quality checks. I also worked well with my team and supervisors, following instructions and protocols, and communicating effectively.I have multiple months of experience in driving and warehouse roles, and I am always eager to learn new skills and improve my performance. I am passionate about delivering high-quality service and products to customers, and I enjoy working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. (The period worked through the InterSprint company is longer than the one specified above, the period specified above is worked on the forklift. I had the opportunity to work as a "seasonal worker", over a period of approximately 4 years I worked between 4 and 10 months a year)

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